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Practitioners SetsHere you will find the core of Music Essences: the Practitioner's set of 32 individual essences, a kinesiology test kit with small vials, and our new book "Music Essences, and Resolving the Human Drama", which includes stunning artwork for each of the 32 essences.

Note that we are currently offering the book free with any purchase of the 32 essences kit.

Test kit, 40 vials

A low-cost test kit designed for kinesiologists to use diagnostically, featuring vials of all 32 individual essences and the 8 combination essences. The kit comes in a compact, attractive rigid box, with the bottles presented horizontally for ease of selection. A full manual is included.
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Practitioner's Set of 32 Essences

Practitioner's boxed set of 32 Stock essences.
A complete toolbox for healing and consciousness work. Two boxes each of 16 stock essences, in bottles with labels visible for ease of selection.
A quick reference card is included. N.B.FREE PRACTITIONER'S SEMINAR with your purchase
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Book: Music Essences, and Resolving the Human Drama

Music Essences and Resolving the Human Drama: a practitioner’s guide by Katalin Kertesz with illustrations by Melodie Mayne. In this book you will find: - A comprehensive guide to all 32 Music Essences - Full colour illustrations that offer stunning visual support for the concepts discussed, assist in intuitive selection, and are therapeutic in their own right - Index of keywords and suggested essences - A user-friendly guide to expanding conscious awareness
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