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Book your custom-recorded personal Cosmic Sound healing session with The Hathors!



Book your custom-recorded personal

Cosmic Sound healing with The Hathors!

The Hathor Connection - Your personal access to the New Blueprint.

A message from The Hathors
Welcome to The Hathor Connection!

We would like to assist Humanity with the transition to the next blueprint. You are in a
transition from an old blueprint to a new blueprint. To achieve this, we would love to
assist each individual to reach their optimum potential on their next level. It is not
about reaching your highest potential within the old paradigm, but obtaining a new
blueprint and reaching your highest possible potential within that!

For this you need to activate psychic abilities, expand creativity and compassion with
other beings, and to attain a perspective of Universal consciousness. We are holding
the new blueprint and, through the process offered here, we are reaching out a hand
towards you, helping you cross the bridge.

The new blueprint is about seeing contrasting phenomena from more than one point of
view. For example having the experience of oneness together with the multitude of
creation. This is a paradox, but with the new blueprint you will actually feel the truth of
it! In the new blueprint, Humans have a high level of happiness without the worries and
fear of the mind's structure.

So, how are we able to help you receive a brand new blueprint?
The new one is a more refined version of the old. It is not completely different, but it
has more information, more access points, more refinement. So when we present this
new information to your aura, it naturally wants to match up with it, because the two
are similar. At the same time, what we’re presenting is richer in sensitivity and higher
experience, so it is very natural for this higher vision to flow to you when made
available - this is the way Consciousness moves.

We are communicating through the heart not through the mind. So the heart's
intelligence clearly sees the potential and wants to match up to this new blueprint. If
other parts of the energy system have resistance, then it might be a little uncomfortable
for a moment, but the process has begun all the same. The more you open your heart,
the easier the transition will be for your energy bodies.

Humans will someday soon attain similar consciousness to us Hathors, so all we need
do is present our energy field to you. That's the new blueprint you are trying to access.
We offer this to you as an inspiration for your energy field, and your energy field
responds immediately, because it does know that this is the next step forwards.
Your Cosmic Sound Healing session enables us to come through to you individually,
to offer the bridge for the transition.

We need to communicate with every one of you slightly differently, even though the
message is the same. We will try to match your energetic language if you like. Because
for some it might be more difficult to access certain information, and easier for other
parts. So we “smile at you” in a slightly different way! For some it may be a slightly
melancholic smile, for others it will be huge laughter! It depends on your unique
energetic experiences in the past.
The file [or CD] serves as a direct connection to us. You may find it best to meditate
with it 5 minutes a day in the morning or the evening, or for some people it might be a
good background to use for channelling or to warm up before doing something creative
like making music or writing a book. We are simply presenting you with an idea of your
highest potential within this new blueprint we refer to.

You will soon see the benefit of loosing the inhibitions of the mind, so creativity can
flow through you easier. And we also want you to feel great – to feel happy as a human

Using the recording
Cosmic Sound is resonance which is the binding force of everything. It is through
Cosmic Sound that we realise the oneness of everything. The sound you will hear is just
a carrier, and the lower the volume level, the more the message of oneness will be

The softer the sound and further out of reach of the ear, the more of the Cosmic Sound
can cut through. If you turn the volume up higher, the sound is more in the reach of the
physical plane, so you will have a physical experience more than a cosmic experience.
It is still the same vibration, just a different aspect of it. It is still linking you to your
highest potential within the new blueprint, but on a different plane.

You will find yourself adjusting the level differently each day. Sometimes you will feel
like reaching very high, and so you will turn it down. On other days you might want to
feel the vibrations more in your body, so you will turn up the level louder, so it can
harmonise your physical body. Your needs each day are slightly different, so you can
adjust the levels slightly differently as well.

Your personal session is in fact a two-way opening. When you open, we open too. When
you close down, we have to close down as well. For us it's nice to expand and share our
message of joy with all lifeforms in the Universe! Also, we feel a responsibility, because
we have gone through a similar period ourselves, and we feel it only made sense to go
through that period of transition if we can teach someone in a similar situation, to
manage it maybe smoother and faster than we did. It is a sign that Human
consciousness has opened up, that we can come as close to you as this. So thank you
for the possibility you humans give us for sharing!

We look forward to connecting with you in radiant blissful love.
THE HATHORS, 30.10.2013, channelled by Katalin Kertész


FAQ by Simon Fox

What is Cosmic Sound?

Cosmic Sound is the underlying fabric of all manifestation! The 'intelligent' vibrational patterns that come together to form all experience are ultimately based upon sound. It's not physical sound as we perceive it, because it is based upon higher-dimensional geometric space and much higher frequency-ranges than we would normally 'hear'. Sound it is nevertheless, and when viewed from our perspective and translated onto a timeline, forms waves – complex changing wave patterns in fact – that can be regarded as sound.


What can you do with Cosmic Sound?

We all use Cosmic Sound to create our reality, mostly unconsciously. However I have developed the technological means to receive higher-dimensional information in the form of these Cosmic Sound wave patterns, translate them onto our dimensional plane and the frequency-range of normal human hearing, and record them (for example to an mp3 file), such that on playback these patterns will resonate and reproduce in the room the higher-dimensional original information intact. A cosmic information storage and retrieval system, if you like.


How can we use such a system?

There are countless away such a system could be used. Here's what I am offering here: in summary, your own personal Cosmic Sound healing session, custom-recorded for you, and provided by higher-consciousness beings in a position to offer exactly what they can see will be most beneficial to you.


Which higher-consciousness beings?

There are many around us, willing to help if only we would ask! The beings I am working with for your recorded healing session are The Hathors. I first came across The Hathors through Tom Kenyon's inspiring channelling work using his voice as the carrier of their healing. The Hathors are reputed to be a major guiding force behind much of the music and indeed other art-forms that we have today, feeding composers, musicians and artists of every conceivable discipline with their inspiration. The Hathors are highly ecstatic beings with a direct and uplifting energy.


How can The Hathors help us?

In channellings they have stated many times that they are here to help Humanity through the ascension process, something which they themselves have been through in exactly the same way: they were for a time also 3rd-dimensional beings with physical bodies. The Hathors currently straddle the 5th-12th dimensions, and so are perfectly placed to give us a hand in accelerating our own process. The main focus of their work with us is handing down a new blueprint with which we can achieve new ways of being – in particular new ways of communication – and giving us the means to anchor a new vibration for the planet, in ourselves. Central to this is the creative process: Humans have long been able to receive occasional bursts of inspiration, giving rise to poems, music or other artforms, for example. We now wish to have the highest inspiration and experience of life switched on all the time – 24/7! Imagine!...


OK, but how is this possible?

Beings of higher consciousness have a vantage point we can barely imagine: because they reside in higher-dimensional geometric space they have a perspective that allows them to see the entirety of our being at once, beyond space and time. So a process of imparting information or healing, directed by such beings as the Hathors, bypasses all our usual limitations.


Is this healing channelled then?

Not by any human consciousness! What I am offering for you is a session recorded specifically for you, without the limitation of any human intermediary! The Hathors – and only them in this case – use the technology we have set up as a 'portal' through which they can be of direct service. Your individually-recorded session is something they see as important planetary work: it is actually planetary healing in that a new blueprint is being shared with people. This results in a deeper healing experience that reaches through to the collective level. The Hathors say Earth is unable to evolve if people do not evolve. And this is a fast-track route!


So... what does it sound like?

Well, Cosmic Sound is the medium. The sound recorded for you is the carrier: it contains a translation of the higher-dimensional patterns that were originally received, that is so precise that on playback it causes a resonance that is able to rebuild those original patterns. You will sense those patterns most probably in non-auditory ways (exactly how you experience it is quite individual – some people do experience an internal impression of a sound, usually high-pitched, others will sense something physical, some simply 'feel good'). The carrier sound – the part that you will actually hear – sounds similar to a waterfall (a major component of it sounds like “white noise”). In order to help you relax into the process I 'dress up' the recording with nature sounds. These play no direct part in the healing, other than providing a comfortable and familiar audio backdrop for the experience.


How do I best use the recording?

Play back the file or CD using speakers or headphones whilst you relax, or run it in the background (obviously not whilst driving a car or operating machinery). It may also be beneficial to leave it running on repeat for extended periods. Intuition is king, and whilst your session is running your intuition may well be particularly effective! The key to your experience is how loud you set your volume control: this is how you “tune” the energy field. As you increase or decrease the level, there will be points – 'nodes' I call them – where the resonance is particularly strong, and you will sense more activity. At higher listening levels, the experience is likely to be more 'physical' in nature; at lower levels, right down to 'only just audible', the effect is likely to be more refined, and in fact more potent.


So, softer is better?

Softer is not necessarily better, but at those lower levels you will find the information will engage primarily with your higher energy-centres. This is because at lower levels, the pattern that gives rise to the resonance forms in smaller units (if you understand how a hologram works, these are holographic elements that give rise to the whole – and using smaller elements you get a more detailed pattern). Every sound reproduction system is different, so there is no way to standardise the volume level. As a guide though, between “only-just-audible” and “comfortable background” level you will find the connection easiest to tune into. At higher volume levels than this you may also experience benefits, though there is no need to listen loud. I suggest you make changes to the playback level slowly and focus at the same time on all the senses.


Is it better to use headphones?

You may use speakers or headphones. The resonance takes place in the room, and forms an energy field which builds and builds, so you do not need to feed the sound directly to your ears. However it is equally effective using headphones. Try what feels most comfortable.


Are you using binaural beats or specific frequencies?

No, there is no need for me to use any other technology. Binaural beats can be effective to bring about an altered brain-state. Here however we are concerned with imparting highly individualised information: a new consciousness blueprint tailored to who you are and where you are on your journey – and that requires only the Cosmic Sound field to be present.


What should I expect to happen when I play back my session?

This is very individual. Someone reported a major heart-opening that occurred within 5 seconds of listening: he was evidently ready, just needed that nudge, and The Hathors were able to deliver exactly the key for that opening. Not everyone has a dramatic experience, though there is likely to be a certain amount of 're-wiring' take place, and it may take a bit of getting used to a new state. Some people simply feel very positive, and don't have a cathartic reaction: it will depend very much on how resistant your system is to any changes, and how much emotional or spiritual baggage may be in the way. If you experience discomfort, try re-tuning the field as described above (changing the volume level) or give yourself a break. There is no virtue in overdoing it, and by having a break, even a day or two, you may be then better prepared to receive the benefits.


What if I don't like it or don't feel anything?

Ah, I was hoping you'd ask that! It's worth mentioning that “not feeling anything” need not mean that nothing happened: if there is little resistance to the process and you are in harmony with what is being offered, you may feel very little. However, if you honestly feel that you have received no benefit from your Cosmic Sound session provided by The Hathors, then simply ask for a full refund. No questions asked (though feedback is always welcome). This is your guarantee that you have nothing to loose, only to gain! All I ask is that you give it a chance first – in particular try listening at different volume levels (adjust slowly and carefully) and try it at a time when you are undisturbed and focussed. As with any modality, there needs to be a willingness on your part to receive so of course you can block the benefits with a closed attitude. Nevertheless, I am willing to offer this money-back guarantee as I am confident in The Hathors' ability to provide something of major benefit to everyone.


What does the session cost?

£51 (£42.50 + VAT) for a high quality mp3 file for you to download once ready, or £60 (£50 + VAT) for an mp3 file plus a physical CD in the post, including postage.

By proceeding with this booking you agree that no medical claims are made or implied with regard to the Cosmic Sound Template by The Hathors, and that the use of the recording is at your own risk.

We will contact you to inform you when your session has been scheduled for. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.



Book your custom-recorded personal Cosmic Sound healing session with The Hathors!


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