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Calmspace Pro EMF protection - Whole House Solution


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Are you missing this vital protection from Wi-Fi radiation?

If you're like me you're deeply concerned about radiation from Wi-Fi, mobiles and
other wireless technology. You may also be able to *feel* the radiation from these
devices... but even if not, there is ample information suggesting cause for concern,
and it is uncomfortable to have the sense of having nowhere to go to escape it.

I'm here to offer you a solution that works wonderfully for me and for countless
others, to protect and strengthen ourselves and our families, both at home and
when travelling.

I see this not only as a physical, biological problem, but also as a spiritual one.
Exposure to radiation from wireless technology of all kinds disrupts the most
precious thing you own: the link to yourself, to your Consciousness! That's what
moved me to develop a brand new product – and a holistic solution.


Innate protection – your birthright

With a 1,000,000-fold increase in environmental RF radiation exposure over just
the last 3 decades, humans have simply not had the chance to adapt. You are
greatly affected by this radiation, as it distorts the bio-magnetic field that uniquely
defines “you”, and upon which you absolutely depend. But all of us also have the
ability – if that field is supported in the right way – to re-order and re-balance
that energy ourselves in the space around us, and ensure that vital processes
that govern everything in our bodies are not disrupted and stressed.


The Mediator

Other than remove all the wireless technology from our world (not likely, and
not what most people seem to want), what's needed is a means to massively
accelerate our adaptation to the stress caused by it. The secret to this is context:
you exist in relationship with Earthly and Cosmic fields of information, and if
those links are strengthened, your own field will strengthen too and stay intact.

For this you need a mediator – a buddy – who can work 24/7 to override the
chaotic radiation in your space with that strengthened context, so you and your
family can build your resistance and take control again over your personal space.

The Calmspace Pro system is that mediator. A system based on plug-in units that
turn the mains wiring in the entire building into a source of improved strength,
calm and support, to override environmental stress.


• As soon as it is plugged in, the Calmspace Pro
delivers finely-tuned, life-affirming, balanced
fields of coherent information. These are of the
Earth, of nature and the Cosmos, and give your
bio-magnetic field (that which defines “you”)
the context it needs to stay strong, regardless
of environmental stresses such as radiation.


• Tiny natural oscillators composed of the
ancient mineral Shungite transfer its protective
qualities to the entire building, using technology
based on sacred geometry. Everyone will
appreciate the resulting oasis of calm.


• A high performance voltage transients (“dirty
electricity”) filter conducts harmful frequencies
from the live wire to neutral, where they can be
safely carried to ground — that’s another layer
of stress removed from your life.


• Entrainment over time of healthy Calmspace
patterning on your biofield leads to long-term
bulding of natural EMF resistance, that should
eventually remain even without the system in
place. Imagine the freedom if this occurs.


• The fact that the system works wherever there
is mains electrical power, means it can also be
used when away from home, in hotel rooms or
at work. Keep your spirits up in the office!

I am definitely feeling the benefit of three Calmspace
plugs permanently switched on in my apartment. Living
in a conversion in London I am certainly surrounded
by electrosmog and am delighted to recommend your
product. In fact I would like to buy an EU version for my
sister who lives in Spain.
Lesley, London, July 13th 2015

How sensitive are you?

Do you feel discomfort when a smartphone or cordless phone is near your
head? Do you notice when the wi-fi is turned on? Do you notice any sensation
when holding wireless devices? Or the relief when stepping out into nature?
Many people do.

Sensitivity is a sign that you are aware of your energy – it is a valuable skill.
But it could also be that you run the risk of becoming electro-hypersensitve
or EHS. That is a debilitating condition affecting vastly-increasing numbers
of people, and it is hard to reverse.

This is why it is urgent to address this issue before it hits, and to bolster your
resistance in advance of the further increases in exposure that are unfolding
right now, everywhere. The Calmspace Pro system provides you with a means
to slow or prevent the slide into EHS, whilst helping you adapt now to the
challenging environment.

24/7 protection

A Calmspace Pro system consists
of small plug-in units. They are
available with a UK plug or a
Continental European version
(Schuko plug). You plug them in,
switch them on, and leave them.
The protective qualities of the
system are achieved immediately
on switching on, and the system
is designed to run 24/7.



Whole House Solution


Three Calmspace Pro units, each with single/double
intensity switch so you can scale the setup to your needs.
This is ideal coverage for a flat or small house, or in a larger
home you can set up robust protection for the parts of the
building you or your family most spend time in. This is also
the option to go for if you occupy a bungalow, small house
or flat and are sensitive.

Price including UK VAT and UK delivery (international delivery at cost):
£499 (UK plug) or £599 (Continental European plug)



http://calmspacepro.co.uk and scroll down.


Travel kit


Two Calmspace Pro units, each with single/double
intensity switch so you can scale the setup to your needs.
This is a robust solution for in hotel rooms or whilst away.
Two units working together can provide a nice protective
field within a limited area, or one on each floor of a small
house. It will also be perfect for a small flat.
Price including UK VAT and UK delivery (international delivery at cost):
£333 (UK plug) or £399 (Continental European plug)



http://calmspacepro.co.uk and scroll down.

Dear Simon, The Calmspaces have been really helping me enormously. Being
extremely Electro-sensitive, the level of EMFs in my flat was unbearable for me until
I started using the Calmspaces. I have been sleeping a lot better too. I currently
need and have 3 in my living room and 1 in my bedroom.
Thanks very much for everything, Iisa, Lincs., December 21st 2015


Dear Simon Fox,
I am writing to thank you for the Calmspace Pro devices
you sent me - because I am now beginning to experience
the benefits and feel relaxed and happier than I have been
for many years. It is not easy if your brain and body are
bombarded by modern technologies which cause debilitating
symptoms, especially when you have coped with it for over a
decade. Your product gives me hope that I can bust open the trap
door and be my true self again, so I am very grateful.
Kind regards, Jenny White. 2.04.2016, Wales


About us

The Calmspace Pro is designed and made
in Somerset, England, by engineer, sound
healer and inventor, Simon Fox:

“My wife and I are both deeply committed to protecting our
long-term health and that of our two children, and we see
EMF as a primary issue. We’ve been searching for a solution
that really works, for a long time.

The Calmspace Pro is helping a lot of people – and I’m pleased
that nature has provided us with most of the answers. Much
like using superfoods instead of synthetic food supplements,
you can trust it much more readily.

The idea of supporting the body's own bio-magnetic protection
rather than trying to somehow “make safe” something that
clearly isn’t – is the secret to the robust protection that this
system is able to offer, and without stress or side-effects.”


90-day money-back guarantee

Very simple. If within 90 days you don’t feel this was the best
possible investment in your family’s long-term health, send
back the system for a full refund.

When I used the Calmspace Pro device For the first

time I was stunned by how effective it was. As soon as I

plugged it in the effects on my body and the environment

were immediately apparent. The general feeling of

tension and adrenal overload dropped away along with

the slight headache I had been experiencing over my

forehead. This was replaced instantly by a general feeling

of calm relaxation and a sense of clarity. I slept much

better than usual overnight and the following day I felt

sharper mentally and was generally more energetic and

productive. The improvement has continued and so I feel I

can thoroughly recommend this product.

Melissa, Somerset, Sep 16th 2015


Now is the Time to Act

With the money-back guarantee,

you can try it at home and be certain

it is the right solution for you.

Product conforms to the relevant parts of Directive 2006/95/EC of the European Parliament, the associated standards under BS EN 60335-1:2012+A11:2014, Household and similar electrical appliances. Safety.
General requirements, the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive 2004/108/EC, and the RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU).
Important: Calmspace Pro is not a medical product, and it is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. If you have medical concerns consult your professional healthcare practitioner.

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