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Electrostress Relief spray 100ml

Electrostress Relief (100ml) Aura optimisation for electromagnetic stress relief.

An aura spray designed to help EVERYONE FUNCTION BETTER in a world laden with electrosmog.


“The Electrostress Relief sprays have been incredibly helpful to me. I was living with an electricity substation less than 20 feet from the back of my house and it was totally draining my energy. But this restored my energy and let me feel human again! (Thankfully we have
now moved house ... )”       


“Using Electrostress Relief in the morning, I get a sense of relief. It gives a lighter, more focused sensation. Working at the computer I use it as well. There the experience is a bit different. It gives me a feeling of freshness and more space to breathe.”


“As a professional feng shui consultant I meet situations daily where clients are affected - often unknowingly - by electromagnetic fields. This is the most instant product to offer relief that I have found, and clients are able to sense the difference on the spot. Highly recommended!”

Tanya, MA FSSA

As our exposure to electrostress (or manmade non-ionising electromagnetic radiation) is still increasing daily, due to more electronic and wireless gadgets being introduced into our homes and offices, we need a quick, effective, and portable way of protecting ourselves from the harmful effects, which are now well documented. At Music Essences we have come up with a unique and effective solution: this aura spray works through grounding out the disturbance from the body’s energy fields.

Through kinesiology testing, practitioner trials and “feel-good-factor” fedback over several years we have found our Electrostress Relief aura spray to be effective during and after unavoidable exposure to interference from computers, mobile phones, Wi-Fi, and after travel, especially flying.

We have also found major benefits in the therapy room: the spray grounds and aligns the energy field, so therapies can be more effective, and it can be used in kinesiology to bring a client back to ‘clarity’ within a few seconds of use, who otherwise would not be reliably testable due to disturbances in the aura.

Spray a mist around your body to help ground yourself and bring your energy fields into alignment. You are likely to feel more focussed and calm, and be able to function better. Effectively you have reconnected to your core, and are likely to become less susceptible to the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

The spray contains music essences - vibrational remedies that help expand awareness and consciousness, gem essences effective for grounding and protection, and essential oils that combine to promote balance, clarity of mind, and refresh the environment. The product is further activated using biophotonic Miron violet glass, which charges and shields the contents.

We find with each use of the spray that the body familiarises itself further with the information, and the effect endures longer. We feel it is essential to minimise exposure, and at the same time to maximise our ability to withstand unavoidable exposure. Electrostress Relief is designed to help with the latter.

Biofield Viewer Imaging

Biofield Viewer Imaging before and after using Electrostress Relief:


Here is a before/after comparison using Biofield Viewer Imaging to map the distribution of energetic phenomena. The image taken a few minutes after using Electrostress Relief aura spray reveals greater symmetry and clarity of emanation from the energy centres, and offers further validation of the sense of well-being felt by most people who try the spray.


Electrostress - the coming epidemic?

Today we find ourselves surrounded by electromagnetic fields, emitted by computers, w-fi, mobile phones and the wiring in the walls of our buildings. By constantly subjecting ourselves to these influences our energy levels are affected, and the stress involved leaves us depleted and exhausted..

More than 5,000 studies now show RF/MW radiation to be harmful to human biology, animals and plants - See more at: http://stopsmartmeters.org.uk/live-blood-analysis-observable-effects-of-rfmw-radiation-from-smart-meter/#sthash.ZGc4asqN.dpuf

What every health-conscious person ought to know about electrostress

1. You are surrounded by electromagnetic fields, emitted by computers, Wi-Fi, mobile phones and the wiring in the walls of your home and workplace. By constantly subjecting yourself to these influences your energy levels can be affected, and the stress involved may compromise your ability to function optimally.

2.  Of particular concern is microwave radiation, used by mobile and cordless phones, baby monitors, Wi-Fi, and – at alarming levels – so-called “Smartmeters”. It is the nature of the radiation, emitted in pulsed bursts, which can affect your biology and energy in ways that are only now becoming understood.

3. A major study at the Klinghardt Institute of Neurobiology (Washington, USA) found a dramatic rise in inflammatory markers in everyone, whether exhibiting symptoms or not, following common levels of exposure (TGF-Beta 1, MMP-9 & Copper levels in serum all shown to increase following installation of pulsed emitters such as Smartmeters or Wi-Fi.). Lab results also found abnormalisation of hormones and neurotransmitters, and damage to the blood-brain-barrier.

Electrohypersensitivity - the coming epidemic?

4. We are seeing a massive increase in daily exposure. Exposure has also been shown to be cumulative, and can ultimately give rise to the pheonomenon known as Electrohypersensitivity (EHS). Many people are experiencing chronic fatigue, reduced productivity, apathy and headaches.

5. If you believe you are affected by electromagnetic pollution, remove as far as possible the source of the exposure. Switch off devices or electric circuits in the house, overnight for example, to see if there is any noticable improvement. Measuring devices are available that give an indication. Eliminating some of the most obvious sources ought to help. Wireless devices should always be switched off when not in use. Compact Fluorescent light bulbs should be avoided. Smartmeter installation is not mandatory, and must be refused.

Electrostress Relief can meanwhile help you re-centre and restore your wellbeing. It is also a useful support where you have little control over the environment, such as travelling or at work, or whilst using computer equipment, machinery or wireless devices.



purified water, We make all our essences using extremely pure water derived from a multiple-stage filtration system (combining reverse osmosis with ionic exchange). Not only does this guarantee a level of safety and purity that would be unachievable with bottled, spring or activated carbon-filtered water, but it seems to enhance the vibrational receptability of the water.certified organic grain alcohol (15% vol.), The alcohol we add to the sprays serves a dual function. Not only does it ensure that the spray will keep for extended periods of time, but also serves as a dispersant for the essential oils. Some people react badly to aura sprays because manufacturers tend to use denatured alcohol in their products. (The denaturants - most commonly methyl alcohol and benzene - are there to render the product undrinkable and therefore not liable to duty ). Unfortunately such substances are also toxic, and can affect anyone with a chemical sensitivity. We have opted for certified organic grain alcohol without any denaturants. This increases the cost, but ensures that the product is free of any hidden hazard.Music Essences No.22 “Mother Earth“ (J.S.Bach solo violin sonata no.3 (BWV 1005): i. 'Adagio', in C major), This essence brings you back to Mother Earth and to nature. Mother Earth gives life, nourishes you, gives love and support without condition. The essence also addresses issues related to motherhood and your connection to your own mother.gem essences of hematite, smokey quartz and black tourmaline, essential oils of geranium, lavender and pine.

It is important to note that Electrostress Relief will only help your system to cope in the presence of otherwise disturbing electromagnetic fields - it will not block or reduce these fields. Always reduce exposure as far as possible to any avoidable source. We would suggest to avoid using cordless 'DECT' phones, keep mobile phone usage to a minimum, avoid compact fluorescent bulbs, keep the area near the bed free of all electrical equipment, and refuse Smartmeter installation.

Electrostress Relief is a high performance spray you can easily use to retain focus & equilibrium in the challenging modern environment.
So many people nowadays feel exhausted and drained after a day in front of the computer or after making a long call on their mobile phone.
Are you one of them?

Maybe you feel a lack of energy or clarity or a sense-dulling mental fog. Most people put it down to general tiredness, but there is increasing evidence that your exposure to electromagnetic radiation, and especially pulsed microwaves from Wi-Fi, mobile phones and other wireless technologies, is affecting you in ways that until now have been severely underestimated.

There are ways you can relieve yourself of some of the strain. This aura spray addresses the issue of accumulation of these disturbances by grounding of the energy fields of the body. It is also designed to offer swift recovery and protection from influences which may interfere with your natural ability to ground.

When using Electrostress Relief many people can feel a difference immediately, even if they don’t consider themselves to be electro-hypersensitive.

Used repeatedly, your energy system will ‘learn’ a healthier state of being through entrainment. In this way the product can provide lasting benefits.

To use, simply spray a mist around your body.


Also available in 50ml size, and as drops.

Electrostress Relief spray 100ml £13.29

Customer Reviews:

The user tanyafox  (Tuesday, 21 October 2014)
Definitely helps to bring me back to being me when around EMFs and radio frequency radiation. I now take it with me whenever traveling, or even just visiting a friend's house where levels are high. Really feel the beneficial effects of this spray. Thank you!

Clare  (Thursday, 18 August 2011)
The EMF Shield sprays have been incredibly helpful to me. I was living with an electricity substation less than 20 feet from the back of my house and it was totally draining my energy. But the EMF Shield spray restored my energy and let me feel human again! (Thankfully we have now moved house ... )

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