What are Music Essences?
practitioners_setMusic Essences™ are a unique, pioneering range of essences utilising the healing qualities of music. They were developed by violinist and healer Katalin Kertész, who has extended the traditional theory of correspondences between the notes of the musical scale and chakras into working with whole pieces of music.

Seeking ways of using music as a healing tool, Katalin applied her knowledge and experience of vibrational remedies and created the first essences from music.
She chose to work with the solo violin music of J.S. Bach, as it allowed her to experiment with the effects of different musical keys on all the chakras.
During these experimental tests she discovered that it is not only the sound of music that can have positive healing effects, but the original idea, inspiration and consciousness behind the music itself.

It was using these essences prepared from J.S. Bach’s solo violin music that Katalin discovered a profound transformational journey hidden within the sequence of pieces. Following years of testing and provings, a comprehensive system has been developed, now available for use by therapists and individuals alike.

We hope that you will enjoy using our products and that this contribution may help towards greater peace and joy in the world.

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