"I really enjoyed the workshop. The violin playing was very special. I will be using some of the essences in my homeopathy practice. I think they will complement the action of some of the new remedies"
-- Angela
"I really enjoyed my weekend with Katalin, Simon, the music of Bach and the essences. The music itself was wonderful, and I experienced its healing effect, in the spiritual context of the essences, to be very profound and gentle. The Music Essences and the aura sprays seem to me to work at a very high level of vibration. I highly recommended the workshop as a pleasurable healing experience even if you don't intend to use the essences afterwards - although I think anyone would find it hard not to come away with at least one essence or spray!"
-- Madeline
"The workshop was a great relief. The amount of work and inspiration behind it all is breathtaking. I loved working on an energetic level, listening to the music and feeling where I felt it in my body. I have had a very difficult last six months and this workshop gave me a great depth of healing. Thank you."
-- Rosemary
"The workshops with Simon and Katalin are extremely powerful. Whilst Katalin plays the violin exquisitly, a profound healing occurs within the body. I feel very privileged to have been a part of the whole experience and would highly recommend it to others."
-- Melissa Long
"We all know the healing power of music because we feel good after dancing passionately, or better after listening to Bach while resting. This inner knowledge is put into a structured, retrievable form and is beautifully demonstrated by Simon and Katalin at the Music Essences workshop. It’s a wonderful experience, with gifts to take home, so that the source of spiritual clearance can be gently enhanced by listening again to the source of Bach’s pure inspiration, and understanding how and why healing happens can be promoted out in the world by the use of Music Essences."
-- Janie Thomas
"It's not easy to put words to a complete and total experience of the depth of you,
so I will just say, in awe and gratitude, that my mind, body and soul are not going
to forget the two days of healing and clarity that they spent, bathed in the Love
and Expertise of both Katalin and Simon. From the depth of my heart, thank you both."
-- Laurent

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