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If you want to discover some of the most direct and immediate vibrational essences available for refining your consciousness - and your life - read on! Accelerated personal evolution at the cutting edge of research into the healing influence of music and sound on our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Music Essences™ are vibrational healing essences for accelerated personal evolution, made using the music of J.S.Bach. Practitioners: you can incorporate this system in your practice alongside any other healing modality.

Music Essences™ can be used to go beyond the time dimension to a zero point within which fast personal evolution is possible, and where limitations can be quickly overcome. We're using J.S.Bach's music as a way to access an extremely high consciousness inspirational energy: each essence links back to the creation point for the music. Taken in a similar way to flower essences or gem essences, music essences can inspire profound healing and consciousness transformation.

There are 32 essences, created by violinist and healer Katalin Kertész, each one an individual 'bundle of consciousness' with its own unique message, derived from a movement of Bach's solo violin music.

working directly with Consciousness...

Music Essences work directly with Consciousness, connecting at the level of the metaphorical 'instruction room' from which commands which drive your life are issued. This is a fast track method that allows core level healing to take place, then moves beyond that to transform the template with which your consciousness is working to transform you. It is this ability to work directly with Consciousness that sets these essences apart from many flower, gem and other healing essences that are available today.

Individual Essences Combinations Aura Sprays Massage Oils
Individual Essences Combinations Aura Sprays Massage Oils
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...a continually-evolving force...

Because Music Essences are a product of pure consciousness, connecting with the divine spark of potential from which the music was originally created, they operate as a continually-evolving, living force, and so are able to to continue to guide you on your personal journey from whichever point you may find yourself. The essences are in use on a daily basis by practitioners to accelerate their clients' personal evolution, as well as by individuals seeking to challenge themselves to move beyond limitations, realise their full potential and find true inner peace.

...for profound transformational change...

The essences form a comprehensive system, devised by Katalin Kertész, violinist and pioneering healer, who discovered that by connecting to the music of J.S. Bach via vibrational essences, profound transformational change was possible.

How to access the essences' energy signatures...

We offer here a number of ways to access the energy signatures that the essences carry. In addition to the essences themselves, which are taken internally, applied to meridan points or added to water or a bath, you will find also very special aura sprays and massage oils, in which the Music Essences are blended with complementary gem essences and luxurious essential oils, CDs of the music from which the essences were made, played by Katalin and supplemented with a sound carrying the vibration of the essence itself, and some related products which use Music Essences as their basis, such as Electrostress Relief and Crystal Cleanser.

Obtaining help...

Please see the FAQ for guidance on essence selection. We are also available to offer advice by email (free) or you can book a telephone consultation with Katalin, who uses profound intuitive wisdom and her intimate knowledge of the essences to find the perfect selection for you.

Now available: a low-cost complete test kit for kinesiologists. details...

ELECTROSENSITIVITY - THE COMING EPIDEMIC? - Electrostress Relief aura optimisation spray -

"The Electrostress Relief sprays have been incredibly helpful to me. I was living with an electricity substation less than 20 feet from the back of my house and it was totally draining my energy. But the EMF Support spray restored my energy and let me feel human again! (Thankfully we have now moved house ... )". Clare




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